Interview questions CAN be tricky, so it is always a good idea to PREPARE ahead of time!

This type of question is typically asked at the beginning of your interview, and you have approx. 90-seconds to make that long-lasting impression.

With that said,

Below, we have posted a video that covers EXACTLY how to formulate an answer to that COMMON interview question – “Tell Me About Yourself” in three (3) easy steps.

Not only that, but you will find tell me about yourself sample answers for experienced candidates and those with minimal experience.


In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to answer that common interview question “Tell Me About Yourself”.

Did you know you have 90 seconds to make that first impression? So, make it count!

We’re going to show you how to formulate your answer in three (3) easy steps. We’re going to show you how to prepare and then provide you with some sample answers to get you going.

If you don’t have any experience, don’t worry…we’ve got you covered too. As a matter of fact, by applying this strategy, you can increase your chances of landing a job by up to 40 percent (%). This foolproof strategy can be applied no matter what the industry. So, stay tuned!

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Interviewers are almost guaranteed to ask you this question “Tell Me About Yourself” as an ice breaker. Why? They want to know right off the bat if you’re the right person for the job.

So, take this opportunity to sell yourself.

Now, when answering this question, follow this structure…

Discuss your:

Relevant academic background, Relevant previous work experience (talking about your main responsibilities) and mentioned those KEY SKILLS in your answer that are relevant to the job role you are applying for.

A lot of clients ask me, how do you keep your answers relevant without going off track? Well, let me show you now.


Open up the job description and HIGHLIGHT the KEY SKILLS and the qualifications they are looking for in the candidate. For example,

By doing this, you’ll be able to prepare an answer that’s relevant and targets the keywords they want to hear which we’ll show you later.


You can really stand out by incorporating the company’s KEY values, vision and passion in your answer.

To do this, head over to the company’s website and view their About Us page, read their mission statement, and highlight their key values vision and passion:

By doing this, you can highlight your own personality traits or passions that are relevant to the company’s passions and core values. Remember, after all, they want to hire someone that fits into the company culture.

This is KEY to not only their employee engagement, but also their performance and productivity.

In fact, just do a quick search in Google and read how CULTURE FIT is as important as a candidate’s skillset, experience, and education:



Now you’re going to prepare your answer, matching your KEY SKILLS in line with the KEY SKILLS you highlighted earlier from the job description and the company’s core values.

Let’s look at some sample answers.

In this first example, we have someone who has just graduated from high school or college with no previous work experience. We have already highlighted the KEY SKILLS from the job description and the values from the company’s mission statement.



“First of all, I am very grateful to be here, and I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed today!

I recently graduated from (college name) with a (diploma/degree) in (state subject) and am now looking to start my working career. Although, I have no working experience for this particular job role, I have academic experience, which checkmark all the KEY SKILLS listed in the job description. For example, I have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, which have been perfected through having done several presentations amongst large audiences.

I am also a creative problem-solver because of the subjects I studied, which required a lot of analytical thinking.

Working with computers comes naturally to me because of the presentations and essays I had to complete in school. So, on that basis, I am very familiar with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I’ve also used several other programs throughout my academic career.

Above all, not only do I have the skillset for this job, I am also a fast-learner, and therefore I am confident that I will be up to speed with the job role in no time. Just to add, I’ve been told I am a very approachable people orientated person, and therefore can adapt in any environment and team setting.

I believe in the power of positivity, and that’s why outside of work one of my main hobbies is meditation. Through meditating, this has allowed me to keep a calm exterior which helps me perform well under highly pressurized situations. I think this would be a great skill to have in any customer facing job and where deadlines and time management are of utmost importance.” 

Now, here’s another example for someone with no experience. Here are the highlighted KEY SKILLS from the job description and the values from the company’s mission statement.



“Thank you so much for taking out the time to interview me for this position today. Although, I have no previous work experience, throughout my academic career, I studied a range of courses that have allowed me to obtain a diverse set of skills. For example, in school, I have worked on various projects and presentations, which have given me the confidence for public speaking, being able to think on my feet, and enhanced my team working skills. I believe these are all transferable skills in any work role, especially this one.

In addition, my strongest attribute is my ability to analyze situations, and problem solve because many of the courses I studied required analytic thinking.

I have a track record of many achievements. My most proudest is being the captain of a football team. This role allowed me to effectively display my leadership and teamworking skills.  As the team captain, I particularly enjoyed the team dynamics and lifting the team’s spirit/morale. Again, I believe these are great qualities to have, especially since one of the key skills required for this particular job is to work in a team setting.

Moreover, I am a positive and forward thinking person that will never back away from a challenge. I truly believe that every problem or situation can be solved with determination and clear focus. My spirit for always wanting to learn and develop will allow me to excel quickly at this role without having to invest too much time in bringing me up to speed with my responsibilities.

Outside of work, I regularly exercise as I feel this allows me to keep my body fit and my mind healthy too. A healthy mind breeds positivity, creativity, and innovation, which are also great qualities to bring to this job and the company.”


“First of all, I am really excited to be here and would like to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed today! I received my high school diploma from (school name) and now recently graduated from college with a (diploma/degree).

Right from the start, I knew that business was an industry I wanted to be involved in since I completed a 6-month co-op program in high school working at Walmart. Here I was rotated weekly doing multiple tasks such as working at checkout, stacking shelves, compiling inventory reports, and working in customer service. My favorite rotation was in customer service because I enjoyed interacting with customers, where I was able to showcase my product knowledge to provide a solution to the customer’s needs. I found it extremely rewarding when they would fill out the feedback form, happy with the help I provided for them, leaving with a smile on their face.

I’m now here today seeking this position because this job role will give me the opportunity to grow and to continue my love for being around customers. I believe I will be an excellent fit for this position because not only do I meet all your requirements, but I also have the willingness to learn and support my team so we can collectively provide Outstanding Customer Service.”


“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed! I really appreciate the time you have taken out today. Early on in my life, I realized that fashion is a way to express yourself and is a reflection of your personality. Style is unique to every individual, no matter their background, gender, and age. Fashion just does not discriminate!

After completing a degree in management from the University of (Name), I joined a local high-end fashion boutique where I worked as a customer assistant. While working there, I was able to learn more about the business of fashion. My main responsibilities were designing the shop window and dressing mannequins, procuring clothing and accessory samples, and assisting at fashion exhibitions. I particularly enjoyed styling various different types of customers who would come into the boutique. I especially got a lot of satisfaction in helping customers leaving the store confident while looking and feeling their best. Fashion truly became a passion of mine!

So, after working as a customer assistant for 2 years, there was an opening for a supervisory role at ABC company. I decided to pursue this role as it gave me an opportunity for growth in an industry, I was so passionate about. Here I was overseeing and directing the daily activities, schedules, and the assignments of employees in storage, inventory, and distribution. I was also the lead coordinator for fashion shoots for our seasonal lines. During this time, I was completing my fashion degree part-time, and I am happy to announce that I graduated 3 months ago.

Hence, I am now here interviewing for this management position because I believe I have all the KEY SKILLS and requirements to excel in this position.

This high-end global fashion chain will allow me to gain even more experience and later on move into different positions within the company especially designing clothing, because I would love to see my designs being worn globally. I’ve always thought of myself as a creative, innovative individual, keeping customer service first! I know all of these qualities will tie in with your company’s vision of building a brand that allows customers an outlet to express themselves.”

Finally, here’s a great answer for someone interviewing for a senior nursing position.


“First of all, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed today! From the start, I’ve always been passionate about wanting to help others, and that’s why I decided very early on that I wanted to be in the healthcare industry. I completed my education at (university, college name), and I graduated with an RN degree.

After graduation, I landed my first nursing job at ABC hospital, working in the ER unit. My team included 4 other nurses, all reporting to the head nurse. I thoroughly enjoyed working in a team environment sharing knowledge and improving our skillset collectively. Some of my major responsibilities there were stabilizing incoming patients, communicating with doctors providing up-to-date information, administering medication, and maintaining patient records. Even though my job was quite intense working in a fast-paced environment, I loved the challenge as I thrive under pressure; it brings out the best in me.

Also, during my tenure at ABC hospital, I completed my BSN degree, allowing me to transition into a more progressive role as a Clinical Supervisor at DEF healthcare. During my 2 years there, my responsibilities included a variety of clinical and administrative duties related to clinical staff workflows, clinical education, and quality assessment/improvement”. One of my greatest achievements there was the integration of new COVID-19 protocols, which was then standardized across all departments.

I’m now looking to continue to grow and excel therefore looking for a more senior role with greater responsibilities, which is why I am here today. I believe I have a lot to offer not only through my skillset but the values I believe in. As you know, in this line of work, not only do you have to display high levels of integrity and perfection, but you also have to be compassionate.

As I mentioned earlier, helping others is very rewarding for me, and therefore, through this particular job role you are offering, I can extend that further even. That’s why I’m here today!” 

Now, before we sign off, here are our top six interview don’ts,


DON’T go off topic.

The interview is not looking to hear your life story. Be concise and always keep your answers relevant. In fact, by sticking to the question at hand, you’ll have other achievements and accomplishments to talk about later.


DON’T talk for too long or too short.

Remember, you have 90 seconds to make that long lasting impression. Use that time wisely and make it count.


DON’T answer and point to one.

For example, like I’m confident, I’m organized, I’m punctual. It’s a conversation so it should be FREE flowing. It shouldn’t sound rehearsed.


DON’T swear. Don’t talk about politics or religion. It’s not the right time.


Posture and body language matters!

Don’t slouch, don’t lose eye contact, and don’t be overconfident by making sweeping statements such as I can sell anything or I’m the best marketer ever. This can be mistaken for arrogance as opposed to competence.


DON’T lie… Period!

You’re going to get caught out one way or another.

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