The CareerCrawlers MERIT Scholarship Program 2017-2018

To help students who dedicate their lives helping and improving the lives of others. We offer a $1,500 merit-based scholarship twice From September to June of the school year for students pursuing any of the following fields: nursing, trucking, EMT, Postal, or applied sciences and medicine.

How to Apply

To apply, you need to submit a 300 – 400 word essay explaining why you should be considered for the scholarship. However, in your essay, you need to follow the following instructions:

  • For Fall scholarship, submit the essay or application before September 30th, 2017 and for Spring scholarship, submit the application before December 15th, 2017.
  • Winners will be announced on November 15th, 2017 and January 27th, 2018 for Fall and Spring respectively
  • Be Concise and highlight your recent achievements in your essay
  • The information you provide in the essay should be 100% accurate
  • Include a short video display of your past projects. Email them to
  • Email a short video of your professor’s and teacher’s recommendations to
  • As supporting content, you can send relevant photos, documents and videos


To be eligible, you should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 either enrolled or planning to be enrolled in an accredited university or college in Fall 2017 or Spring 2018. If you are planning on changing programs, we will look at the results from the previous year.


General Requirements

You need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old (at the time of disbursement)
  • Must be a Canadian or US citizen
  • Must be enrolled in an academic program in either healthcare or engineering related field

How Essays Are Judged?

Judgements of the essays will be made by the existing editors basing decision on metrics such as grammar, writing, enthusiasm, personal achievements, creative thinking and aptitude.


How Videos Are Judged?

The introduction video should NOT be longer then 5 minutes.

We are looking for a brief collaboration of your past projects highlighting the following –

  • Why you’ll be a good fit for the program your entering.
  • A quick introduction telling us why you want to shift careers and enter this new profession.
  • Talk about your personality and why you belong in this career.



The contact information that you submit through the application is for the purpose of contacting the winner of this scholarship. The administrator of this website may also use the information for verification purposes. For the winner, the information may also be used for tax reasons and other legal requirements. By participating in this scholarship, you give us the full consent to use your information in the manner stipulated above.


The winner will be reimbursed for costs related to training, books, and all other material. You will need to forward purchase receipts and a check in the amount of $1,500 will be mailed out to you. You will be credited up to $1,500 only, and all additional cost will need to be covered by the student.

We are here to help you change careers and reimburse you for examinations, school, and all other training material.


Questions and Correspondence

All questions or correspondence is to be done through email and addressed to Scholarship related information should not be sent through the Contact Us form, in person, through the mail, or over the phone.

Please use the contact us form to send us a message right away!

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