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What Tasks Does A Certified Nursing Assistant Perform?

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Certified nursing assistants have many tasks and are respected within the healthcare industry. To be clear, the EXACT jobs you will be performing will vary depending on where you are working. This is what makes being a CNA (certified nursing assistant) so unique because you can work in many settings i.e. hospital, nursing home, adult day care centers, personal homes, and more. The primary job role for a CNA is to assist registered nurses or even LVN (vocational nurses) perform their duties. CNA's will collect information and be the eyes & ears for RN's and LVN's. Some of the main duties of a Certified Nursing Assistant include - 

Bathing and dressing patients
Taking vital signs
Collecting information about conditions and treatment plans from caregivers, nurses and doctors
Answering patient calls
Examining patients for bruises and other injuries/wounds
Turning or repositioning patients who are bedridden
Lifting patients into beds, wheelchairs or exam tables
Cleaning and sanitizing patient areas
Provide and empty bedpans
Changing sheets and restocking rooms with necessary supplies

Finally, it's very important for a CNA to have efficient communication skills because any concerns, alerts, or information that's needs to be relayed can be done through the nursing assistant. This is a task they have been trained to perform. 

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