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Maybe some of you girls can offer your opinion

I'm 52 and have a deep desire to become a CNA. I always wanted to be a nurse growing up, problem with that..I can't stand needles or the thought of sticking one in someone. In 2001 I had a ruptured brain aneurosym. I was in the hospital for over a month. I had to have help with bedpans and baths. The girl who helped me was so sweet. She never made me feel that anything was gross or that she didn't want to help. I thought, it must be nice to be able to help someone with something that we all feel is so private. Then in 2003 my dad got cancer. He had already had a colostomy. He had to have a feeding peg tube put in. I am one of 5 sisters. No one wanted to help him but me. They said they just couldn't do it. I had to for 5 months put food in one side of his stomach and empty it out the other. It didn't bother me, I loved him. Now it's moms turn. She is 72 and had advanced colorectal cancer. She is doing fairly well now. And guess who had to help her with her bag for All that being said. I have something in my heart that tells me I could be of help to someone. To me...whats gross work in this life is dealing with people who don't seem to have enough love in their heart to help others. I know it wont be easy. I just feel like God had lead me into this direction.

Thanks for listening.


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