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I got pulled over the car smelled like weed...need help!


Hello in Jan 2020 I got pulled over the car smelled like weed. The officer locked me up in the state of Indiana. I didn’t have weed but he found some roaches in the ash tray. Since COVID I haven’t worked so I recently applied and didn’t get the job bc they said it was a open case that’s pending a weed charge. Rewind bk to January 2020 the police took my blood bc I wouldn’t say I’m high base off my car smelling like it. Now I’m have a attorney working on it so it won’t be pinned on my record it’s a first time offense. Just weed and they didn’t find any on me should I just give up doing CNA I been a CNA 5 yrs and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to work as a CNA while I’m in nursing school. Indianapolis is against weed and I just wanna work but I’ll find put next week if I can work at this other nursing home. I could just give it up but I love my work and think it’s super petty to make ppl lose everything for a something like weed plants but it’s happening to me. I might lose my house if I don’t go bk to work ASAP ! 

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Topic starter Posted : 28/12/2020 8:59 pm
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Thanks for your comment and we are sorry to hear what happened. While your attorney fights this case, we recommend just finding any job so you can pay your bills. Some jobs don't require you to perform a background check or won't consider weed as a major take anything you can get right now since you mentioned you MAY lose you house. It's a good chance that you will beat this case in court so until then just stay positive. You also mentioned something about being in nursing school? Are you working towards becoming a registered nurse? While your in school, this case will end and you can transition back into nursing after. Hope this helps!

Posted : 28/12/2020 11:24 pm

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