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Passing mark needed for NREMT?

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I'm planning on taking the NREMT soon and was wondering what are the passing marks for each section? I feel I'm more prepared in some sections compared to others :(. What is the overall NREMT passing grade I should aim for to pass? I'm very nervous. 

Topic starter Posted : 16/04/2019 2:17 pm
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Hey, thanks for posting and sorry about the delay in getting this answered. I wanted to do some research before posting my answer. So, here's what I have found out about passing the EMT state examination. 

For you to get certified, you need to complete (pass) both the cognitive and psychomotor examination. The cognitive is written and the psychomotor is practical which means you have to demonstrate how well you know the material. Even though they have NOT given the exact passing mark, many have started to be safe, you must have a passing grade of 70%. With that said, I went to the National Emergency Technician website and found the following about the cognitive exam -

"The minimum passing standard is the level of knowledge or ability that a competent EMS provider must demonstrate. The minimum passing standard is set by the National Registry Board of Directors and reviewed at least every three years. This Board action is based on the recommendation from a panel of experts and providers from the EMS community. The panel is facilitated by psychometricians - experts in testing. The panel uses a variety of recognized methods (such as the Angoff method) to assess how a minimally competent provider would respond to examination items. These are combined to form a recommendation on the minimum passing standard for the exam. The Board considers this recommendation and the impact on the community to set the minimum passing standard."

Also I read further that I really do think when they grade the exam, they look at the total average because when you receive your results, you'll either see -

a) Above Passing – You can be relatively confident that you
have sufficient knowledge in that content area. However,
you should still review the material in that content area.

b) Near Passing – Your performance was slightly above or
below the standard. Near passing does not indicate a pass
or fail outcome; rather it can be interpreted as an area to
c) Below Passing – You need to study the content area. 

If anyone has actually taken the exam and knows the correct process and what someone about to take the exam could expect then please drop a "reply" in this forum. 🙂

Posted : 17/04/2019 6:36 pm

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