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NREMT- P Background Check?

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Does anyone have any information regarding NREMT-P certs and background checks? I got a DUI in 2014 (for sleeping in my car after drinking, I was not driving). And recently got another one in a similar cirucumstance (I was drunk but sitting in the car charging my phone at a camp ground, and the park ranger gave me a DUI). I can possibly get the second dropped or reduced to Reckless Driving, which would obviously be a win. I have passed my state boards, but the OEMS here is withholding my cert pending the outcome of this second charge. Does anyone know if the NR would do the same? Or know about companies/services/jobs I could do with those charges? I dont want to spend the money and go through that headache just to have them also withhold or deny my licensure. 

P.S. I know DUIs carry heavy consequences, I have seen it first hand. Please do your best not to rake me over the coals about my poor choices. Even if I wasn't driving either time, I know its still my fault for putting myself in that position. I promise you, nothing you say is gonna make me feel worse about the situation. So please try to actually say something helpful, the last thing I need is more people guilt-tripping me about screwing my life.

Topic starter Posted : 14/04/2019 4:55 pm
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Hey, thanks for dropping a question in our community. I found a link that I think might help - the criminal conviction policy This explains the policy in regards to NREMT (finding work). However, from my experience even if you pass the examination, you might have a hard time finding work because of your DUI. You've had two DUI's within such a short period which doesn't look too good on your record. This is just my opinion but try and get them dropped on taken off your record. 

Posted : 14/04/2019 7:25 pm
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I know one person in Texas who had to go through an appeals process after getting a DWI as an EMT-I (A-EMT) and was able to get their certification back within the month. Shortly after that they went to paramedic school and were able to get their NRP and EMT-P. 

In regards to gaining employment, I'm not sure working on an ambulance or in an ED makes a significant difference. From a managerial perspective, these kinds of charges make an employer question a candidate's decision-making abilities. If you have documentation showing that you were not driving, you may be able to explain that you made a bad decision and why you were seated in your car after drinking. From a law enforcement viewpoint, having control of a vehicle with the keys nearby, whether in the act of driving or not, after drinking does not change the charges in the streets.

Posted : 14/04/2019 7:32 pm

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